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Omega Depreciation Statistics

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Omega are a globally recognised watch manufacture and have been for some time. Founded in 1848, your probably familiar with their signature trio of watches; the Constellation, the Seamaster and the Speedmaster. Masters of land, sea and air, Omega have been present throughout some of the most influential events in human and modern day history. Presidents, astronauts, sports stars and celebrities have all been spotted with an Omega on their wrists. Much like our Rolex and IWC depreciation pieces, we’re taking a look at the depreciation of Omega watches over time. Although there’s not one continuous model for any type of Omega over the course of 20 years, we’ve included each watch’s predecessors and successors, to provide you with the most reliable data possible. Omega Depreciation Statistics Embed Code:
Omega Omega depreciation piece created by Barrington Watch Winders

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